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Donkey team pair by pair - dominoes online

Love dominoes and want to get even more enjoyment from the game? Play Donkey Domino Team! Unlike the standard version, the team version involves two teams, each consisting of 2 players. This makes the game unpredictable, provides new emotions, and allows you to feel the support of a partner. The outcome of the match depends on how well both participants play. To ensure the game is enjoyable, first learn the rules.

Домино Осел Командный

Features of the Team Donkey Domino Variant

The tiles are evenly divided among the four players, with each receiving 7 tiles. The player with a double six makes the first move. In this variation, this is the only possible first move, as all 28 tiles are in play, and there is no Bazaar. If the players are playing several rounds in a row, the player who finished the previous round or created a situation known as a Fish moves first. The next player is the one to the left of the player who just played. They place a tile with one side showing one pip (one point) and the other side any other value. During subsequent turns, players take turns placing tiles with values matching the number of pips on the tiles already laid out in the row.

The main difference in the Donkey variant is that tiles can be placed in four directions relative to the first tile placed. Additionally, a player can close any direction during their turn with a double. In this case, the row cannot continue in that direction.

The game ends when one player lays down their last tile or when no more moves are possible because no players have matching tiles (this situation is called a Fish). The score is calculated automatically. The team with the fewest points wins. Typically, the game is played up to 101 points.

Playing Donkey Domino Two-on-Two on

Why is it better to play on our site? Among the advantages of

  • the ability to play for free with the computer or with live partners. To play with real people, create a request or respond to an existing one;
  • beautiful design;
  • an intuitive interface with a Russian-language menu;
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  • the most popular domino variants;
  • many settings, including the ability to choose the amount of time for thinking about the move, different scoring options for Fish, and more;
  • choosing a partner with different skill levels.

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