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Online Domino

Domino is one of the most beloved tabletop games in the post-Soviet space. People inclined towards intellectual pursuits preferred chess and backgammon, where everything needs to be carefully considered, without haste, and situations need to be anticipated. According to Soviet films, pioneers enjoyed spending time playing chess and checkers, attending specialized sections to hone their skills. But simpler folks chose dominoes. While thinking during the game is desirable, it's not necessary. And how splendidly it was played over a bottle of beer! Fortunately, there was no shortage of partners.

Interestingly, this pastime originated from Ancient China and India, and in the 18th century, it was brought to Italy. The name originated from the abbot who allowed the monks to spend their free time with this engaging activity.

With the development of computer technology, more and more tabletop games are moving to online resources. The internet is filled with mini-entertainments, and each year their number increases. The reason for their popularity is obvious: everyone has a computer and internet access, including grandparents. Moreover, smart machines are mainly purchased for work, and to relax from this work, people engage in various games. Some choose traditional pastimes, while others prefer ultra-modern ones; it's a matter of taste. Playing dominoes for free is also possible on numerous websites. Our project is no exception.

Домино играть бесплатно

Playing Dominoes Online is Simple and Fun

Playing pieces (also called stones, tiles) are small rectangles divided in half by a line. Each half has a certain number of dots, from 0 to 6. These dots represent points, which are counted at the end of the match. There are 28 tiles in total, and they are distributed depending on the number of players. Two participants will receive 7 tiles each, while three or four will receive 5 each. The remaining tiles are set aside to form the boneyard.

Each player, in turn, lays their tiles on the table in such a way that the number of dots on the laid tile matches the number of dots on the adjacent tiles. The right to make the first move is determined by the presence of the lowest double tile among the opponents, but the double 0:0 is usually not considered. For some reason, it's called "naked Vasya" and is not taken into account. The one with 1:1 goes first, if such a tile is not available, then 2:2, and so on. If a suitable tile is not available, you'll have to draw from the boneyard until you get the required tile or until the boneyard runs out.

The winner is the first one to finish the battle by laying down the last tile. The remaining players then count their points (the total number of dots on their tiles). The points are recorded on a scoreboard, and the duration of the match is agreed upon in advance: you can play to 101, 200, or 500 points.

As you can see, the rules are very simple, so children often master them even before learning their letters. Kids also love playing children's dominoes, where pictures (animals, cartoon scenes, cars, etc.) are depicted instead of dots. This activity develops memory, attentiveness, and logical thinking.

Domino Website - for Everyone!

Our resource is ideal for fans of this popular pastime. Each person decides who they want to play dominoes online with, a computer or a live opponent.

Playing Dominoes Online - There's Always a Choice!

Everyone has heard of such variations of the game as Goat or Donkey, but there are many other exciting options. They differ in instructions and the number of points on the tiles. Let's consider popular ones:

  • Goat - a classic variety with a larger number of fans. We've already discussed its rules above.
  • Ass - playing Donkey Domino is no less interesting. The rules are similar to Goat, but there are some differences. For example, with the first double, you can attach stones from all four sides, not just two. Moreover, a participant has the right to attach several doubles at once from each side, if they have them, of course. If you've placed a double, you also have the right to block the direction, and no one will be able to move in that direction. Such a double is called a blocker. It's best to play Donkey Domino online on our website. Here, all instructions are written in Russian, so you won't need to consult a dictionary to translate words from a foreign language. The score goes up to 101 points.
  • Sausage - in this "gastronomic" version of dominoes, only two players participate. Each player has 14 stones, and two parallel lines are laid out.
  • Blitz - it got its name for a reason. Each person lays out all their available stones one after another. There is a scenario where the second player simply won't have time to move because the first player will lay out all their stones and exit the game. Online Blitz Domino is perfect for impatient people who don't like to wait long.
  • Sports - played in pairs.

If previously, to play, you needed to buy a set of stones in advance, find partners, and schedule a game time, now everything is much simpler. Everyone can take the opportunity to play in their free time on our website. We also recommend playing dominoes on, a similar project with even more online games. Our advantages are evident:

  • playing dominoes online is possible for free without prior registration, with a robot, of course;
  • the quality of graphic images is beyond praise, everything is very realistic and natural;
  • you can expand the screen or play in full screen;
  • menu in Russian;
  • good sound design, you can adjust the sound volume;
  • intricate interface, intuitive lobby (system for gathering players into the game);

Play Dominoes for Free

There are many free online games on the internet: object search or ball games. We offer such Russian games as dominoes. Everyone has heard of such varieties of fun as goat or donkey, but there are many other exciting options: sausage, blitz, and sports dominoes...If you decide to compete online with a computer, be prepared that it thinks faster than you. But don't worry, choose the necessary amount of time for your move yourself: 25 or 45 seconds. During this time, you'll definitely come to the right decision. Moreover, you have the right to choose personal time, which will be enough, for example, to make tea or talk on the phone with a friend. Choose the desired number of opponents, you can select the team option. To start, we recommend focusing on classic variants, and we remind you that on our website, you can play any domino game online for free without registration.