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Team Goat 2v2 - Online Domino

Team Goat Domino is a game where two teams, each consisting of two players, compete for victory. The outcome of the match in this variation rests on both partners in the team. On one hand, this is a risk, but on the other hand, it's support and an opportunity to win in seemingly hopeless situations. The result of the game depends equally on both participants, providing an opportunity to experience incredible emotions. And playing a live match of Team Goat Domino pair vs. pair will allow you to make new interesting acquaintances.

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Game Features

So, what sets this variant apart from the classic one? Participants are dealt 7 tiles each, and there is no Bazaar (extra tiles left after dealing) in this variation. The outcome of the match depends on how effectively both team members play. Otherwise, Team Goat Domino is similar to the classic version.

The minimum number of points on tiles is 0, and the maximum is 6. As in the traditional version, the player with a double tile with a value of 1:1 makes the first move. They place the tile in the center of the table. If multiple rounds are played, in the second and subsequent rounds, the player who went out first in the previous game or created a Fish situation starts the game. Then, the opponent to their left takes the turn. They need to place a tile that has the same number of points as one of the ends of the tile lying on the table. If there is no such tile, they skip their turn. Then, the next player takes their turn, and so on clockwise. The game ends when one of the participants lays down their last tile and runs out of tiles.

Fish is another way to end the game. It refers to a situation where tiles with the same number of points are on both sides of the row, and the players have no suitable tiles to play. Scoring is done automatically. The team with the fewer points wins. Usually, the game continues until one pair of players reaches 101 points.

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